Ninja Academy are a team of riders who live and breath snowboarding. We have spent years learning everything we can about this amazing sport. During our time riding on mountains all over the world we have learnt that there is an incredible amount of snowboarding potential in all of us. It is our belief that every person on the mountain, in the right coaching environment, has the potential to do great things. Now we want to help you unleash that potential and be the best rider you can be.
"Shred Hard. Have Fun."



"SHRED HARD. HAVE FUN." That is our company motto. We know that the more you ride and the more fun you’re having you are destined to succeed.

We take care of the science part of snowboarding focusing on creating a fun and exciting coaching environment on the mountain. You supercharge your riding by learning the skills you need and applying them on epic terrain. We then add in some extra activities when the shredding is done to help you develop as a rider and to unwind.

The result is success in your riding and an unforgettable trip. Your entire snowboard holiday package will be a blast!

Snowboard Shifty
Pro Coaching


There is some top talent at Ninja Academy waiting to work with you and help you achieve your goals. We are proud to present to you all of the coaches you will be working with. Each coach has their own area of specialisation from Freestyle to Freeride and we think you will have a blast spending time with them. All of the Ninja Academy coaches strive to make sure you have the most incredible experience imaginable.


Snowboard Coach Mark Large

Mark simply goes by his surname, Godwin. He has been riding for over 20 years all over the world. Godwin's coaching approach is riding lots, talking less and having fun. He has a keen interest in sports science and biomechanics. For fun he spends his time at gymnastics, rides BMX and plays a little Playstation.


Director & Head Coach


Godwin used to instruct at an indoor ski slope in Manchester, England.


Snowboard Coach Matt Large

Matt is commonly known as Barlow by all his peers, he has coached all around the world from the Northern Hemisphere in Europe and Canada, to the Southern Hemisphere in New Zealand and Australia. Barlow is all about getting creative on the slopes and having fun! In his spare time he spends time trampolining with his summer activities including biking and volleyball.


Director & Head Coach


In the summer, Barlow spends his time driving bobsleds down an Olympic track for guests.


Snowboard Coach Mike Large

A guy who deserves both names to be stated, you will often hear the call of 'MIKE JONESSS' on the mountain. He is a top class rider with one of the largest ollies you will ever see. Mike has a keen interest in sports science and psychology. For fun he spends his time at gymnastics unleashing his inner ninja.


Snowboard Coach


Mike can jump crazy high! Challenge him, we dare ya!

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