May 18, 2018
Niche Story Review
Mark Godwin

We’ve recently been riding the Niche Story around the mountain and we thought we’d give you an insight into how it rides. So here is our honest and impartial review of the Niche Story 2017/18.

October 31, 2017
Tutorial: 180 On 180 Off

Now that you're hitting rails and boxes on your snowboard you might be ready to start getting experimental. It's high time to step up your jib game! Learn how to throw down a 180 on 180 off and look like a pro with Ninja Academy Snowboarding coach Matt Barlow.

August 8, 2017
Sunday Sessions Episode 1

Check out what the local snow school instructors work on when they come out for a coaching session with the Ninja Academy Snowboard coaches.

July 28, 2017
GB PyeongChang 2018

Dan Hunt, British Ski and Snowboard performance director, thinks we have the best chance of our greatest medal haul at the next Winter Olympics in PyeongChang 2018.

July 19, 2017
Amiata Freeride Mountain Biking

Summer activities are just as important for your rider improvement as getting your shred on in the winter. One of our favourites is mountain biking with Amiata Freeride.

February 27, 2017
Tutorial: Eurocarve

Shred the mountain in half with this retro toe side turn that has made a resurgence thanks to the likes of Dylan Gamache and Ryan Knapton. Grab that retro one piece and learn how to perform a Eurocarve.

January 19, 2017
Tutorial: Layback Tail Press

A fun and creative variation of a standard tail press. This involves laying back into the snow whilst performing a tail press.

December 21, 2016
Riding Playlist: December 2016

Ho ho ho yo! Here is a list of sick riding tunes that the Ninja Academy Snowboarding team have been listening to over the festive period. In case you're wondering, yes it features last Christmas by Wham!...we knew you'd love that!

December 14, 2016
A Not So FairyTale: Full Movie

The Rusty Toothbrush crew have dropped an absolutely sick movie and its free for you to see. Dropping bombs in a new kind of fairytale full of fun things you should be doing...and some you probably shouldn't.

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