How To: 180 off a Rail

Snowboard Coach Photo
Matt Barlow

Want to impress your friends in the park? In the third of Ninja Academy’s snowboard skills series, Matt Barlow demonstrates the steps you need to perform this stylish yet simple trick!


This is a combination of two tricks put together. It looks super stylish but is actually relatively easy to learn. The first part is a simple jib called a 50-50 (riding straight on to a box or rail without turning the board) and the second part is a frontside 180. This is one of the easiest tricks to start with as it allows you to see exactly where you’re landing. But before trying it make sure you are comfortable doing 50-50s on a variety of features in the park, 180s off small jumps and riding switch. Once you are totally happy doing a frontside 180, try a backside 180, rotating in the opposite direction and landing facing up the slope.

Snowboard Relaxed
Step 1 - Ride relaxed Approach the rail with a relaxed stance and your knees slightly bent. Ride on to the rail, keeping the board base flat.
Snowboard Rail
Step 2 - Open up Once on the rail, keep your knees bent and slowly open up the upper body, so you’re facing downhill.
Snowboard Rotation
Step 3 - Twist round Continue rotating your upper body, bringing the lead arm behind you while keeping the lower body in line with the rail.
Snowboarding Look
Step 4 - Be prepared Keep your eyes fixed on the end of the rail, ready to “snap” the upper body in the opposite direction.
180 Snowboard
Step 5 - Snap it! Turn the upper and lower body in opposite directions so you to gain enough momentum to complete the 180.
Absorb Landing in Snow
Step 6 - And land it! Absorb the landing by flexing your knees and ankles then head off down the slope riding switch.

Ninja Tip: To open up the upper body, point towards the nose with your trailing hand

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