How To: 180 Press 180 Out

Snowboard Coach Photo
Matt Barlow

This is a flatland trick or butter.  It is a super cool trick that can be utilised anywhere on the mountain, whether on snow or on park features.  It is a trick that can be linked together with other tricks to create endless possibilities and can create those boring piste runs into something fun.  Make sure you are confident popping off both feet, performing 180’s and holding your presses by utilising your hips to shift the board underneath you.  Try to challenge yourself by performing it with bigger spins out and in both directions: Frontside & Backside.

180 Tail Press 180 Out
180º Tail Press to 180º Out


  1. Pop off both feet and perform a 180.  
  2. As you are in the air, shift the board so your body weight goes onto the new back foot (usually your front foot).
  3. After the 180 land on the tail of the board.  Carry on rotating through the upper body.  
  4. When you are ready, allow yourself to pop off the tail of the board.  This projects you into the air.
  5. Carry on the rotation, with the whole body, through the air.  This will be the next 180.
  6. Land with both feet and bend the knee’s to aboard the landing.  Try to perfect both frontside and backside movements.
NINJA TIP: Push your hips over your foot to keep the press for longer
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