How To: Nose Grab

Snowboard Coach Photo
Matt Barlow

If you have your basic grabs down, like your indy grab, you can move up the board and work towards getting a nose grab.  An awesome grab that shows off your skills to all the photographers.  For this trick it is crucial you bring the nose of the board to yourself and try to reach down to the board.  Do this by bending your front leg and straightening your rear leg.  This will bring the nose of the board towards your front hand.

How To: Nose Grab
Nose Grab

1. Approach the jump relaxed, slightly on your toe edge.

2. Pop off the lip of the jump utilising your knee’s and ankles

3. When in the air, bring your front knee into your torso.  Straighten your back leg.

4. Grab the nose of the board with your front hand and spot your landing

5. Release the board and level yourself, ready for the landing

6. Absorb the ;landing with your knee’s and ankles

NINJA TIP: Imagine you are trying to knee yourself in the sternum
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