How To: Ollie

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Matt Barlow

What is an Ollie?

The ollie is one of the first tricks you will come to learn on your snowboard. It’s a foundation skill and mastering the ollie will not only help you get in the air but it will also help improve your riding too.

An ollie is the act of loading up the tail of your snowboard. This means shifting your weight back, bending the board and creating tension behind your back foot. Releasing the tension springs you into the air. You can use it all over the mountain to get airborne. Try it on flat terrain, off bumps, rollers and then kickers.

The added benefits of learning ollie’s is it helps you improve your position and balance on the board. This is due to you coming down low in your stance, moving backward, releasing pressure under your feet and levelling out with bent knees. These movements help you adapt to varying terrain and get more performance from your snowboard.

Ollies: Step by Step

Ride in Low
Ride Low

Step 1 - Ride in Low

Begin by riding on a flat base, bend your knees and get low down to the board.

Allow the board to bend
Allow the board to bend.

Step 2 - Load Up the Tail

Shift your body position over the back foot and allow your board to bend. This loads the tail with lots of tension.

Spring into the Air.
Spring into the Air.

Step 3 - Release the Tension

Allow the tension in the board to release. This will spring you into the air.

Suck your knees up.
Suck your knees up.

Step 4 - In the Air

Suck your knees up and bring yourself over the centre of the board again. Spot your landing.

Flex your knees on landing.
Flex your knees on landing.

005 - Landing

Slightly extend your legs and as the board touches down flex your knees down to absorb the landing.

NINJA TIP: Now make a game of it, challenge yourself by finding objects to ollie over… think sticks, rocks, stumps.
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