How To: Slide Your 1st Box

Snowboard Coach Photo
Matt Barlow

Sliding your first box

Pre-requisite - Balance and control on both edges and linking turns.


Start low.  Everyone approaches their first box feature from miles away which means they have to put in numerous turns and speed checks to slow themselves down. Start lower down, closer to the box and then go for it.  By starting lower, you will not be going into the feature so fast, that way you can get rid of all those speed checks and turns that throw you off balance. If you can get the approach right, the rest is a breeze.

Step 1 - Choose a nice easy feature that is flat to the snow so you can ride straight onto it.  The wider the box the easier it will be for you.

Step 2 - Start low and fairly close to the feature. You do not need to be miles away.  Generally (dependant on the gradient) 5-6 metres away will give you enough speed to get over the box. DO NOT put any speed checks or turns in during this time, just GO FOR  IT!

Step 3 - As you come onto the box you want to keep your board completely flat.  If you go onto an edge on the box then you will fall.  Keep your board flat for maximum surface area, thus making it easier to balance.  Keep you knee's & ankle's relaxed and flexed.  This will make it easier to keep your board flat.  Keep a nice straight back and eyes fixed on the end of the feature.

Step 4 - As you are approaching the end of the box, let yourself drop off the end. You do not need to jump off the end.  You will be lose balance and lose your style points! As you land back on snow, keep the knee's and ankle's bent to absorb the landing.  You can ride away like a boss!

Ninja Tip: If you don’t feel very confident of keeping your board flat on the feature.  Try using a bamboo stick in the snow to practice approaching the feature and riding the feature with a flat base.  Alternatively, you can draw some lines in the snow to mimic a box.
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