New Vlog Series

Snowboard Coach Photo
Matt Barlow

Vlog Episode 1 - 'The Beginningening'!

Good day fellow riders, the team have some very exciting news for you today! We have started a new video blog, or 'Vlog', series to keep you up to date with everything we do at Ninja Academy HQ. 

The vlog will keep you up to date on the exciting day to day activities of the Ninja Academy coaches and team. They will also be a new way for us to bring you even more content that relates to your snowboarding and the winter sports industry as a whole. Expect to see things like trick tips, riding technique and on snow/ off snow activities to name just a few. You'll also get to know our coaches much more as you get a visual insight into their day to day lives and what its like to be part of Ninja Academy!

If you like what you see remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel and to never miss an episode turn on those handy notifications.

Enjoy the show and as always if you want to see something in particular just shoot us a an email or contact us via the website and we will get it in there for you.

Happy shredding.

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