Niche Story Review

Snowboard Coach Photo
Mark Godwin

A Story to Get You Hooked

We’ve recently been riding the Niche Story around the mountain and we thought we’d give you an insight into how it rides. So here is our honest and impartial review of the Niche Story 2017/18.


Straight off the shelf, you can see this is a good looking snowboard. Matte Black finish with the topography style design is super sleek, modern but also eye-catching. With the gold base, it also gives it a sense of luxuriousness. Something else you will notice is the magne-traction on the edges. This particular magne-traction is quite aggressive and is something we will touch on a little later in the blog.

I rode this 156 cm board with some Burton Genesis X bindings and I must say, it looks pretty Ninja with the black bindings on the matte black top sheet. The conditions for the day were powdery with some scraped areas so it would be perfect for the set back stance and aggressive magne-traction to be pushed to its limits.

Beautifully Designed with lots of recycled materials

The first thing that really stands out is the edge hold. The magne-traction really digs into the scraped snow and holds firm throughout the turn. (If you are unfamiliar with Magne Traction it is like a serrated edge similar to what you might find on a bread knife for example. The idea is that you increase the number of contact points.) It also turns quick! You can get some quick nippy turns in with some aggressive steering.

Secondly, this board has some great pop. They use basalt stringers and a bio-resin which are eco-friendlier than other materials. When you add in this snappiness to your quick turns it can make things like riding bumps a lot of fun. You can pop over and rebound off the bumps all day long.

A fast base that charges

Lastly the fact that the Utah based company has some eco-friendly ethics sits really nicely with us here at Ninja Academy HQ. With their boards being made at the Capita headquarters, The Mothership, you know the build quality is going to be good and you can tell that when you ride this board.

I loved riding this board and I am looking forward to riding it some more. A super solid 8/10 for me and highly recommended by the Ninja Academy team.

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