Day in the life: Snowboard Instructor

Snowboard Coach Photo
Mark Godwin

Epic early mornings on the hill...

You get to the mountain before anyone else and have it to yourself for an hour or so. At some resorts, instructors are able to get onto the slopes before public to get some warm up runs and training in before lessons start for the day. When you get views like these, you can have some spectacular sun rises which can really start your day off on the right footing.

Ski Resort Early Morning
Beautiful mornings when the resort is still quiet.

Go on session and improve...

At the best snow schools instructors have the opportunity to go on a training session to improve their teaching and skiing/riding abilities.

If you take an Instructor Training Program you will get taught by some of the best coaches in Canada and you have the opportunity to carry this on when you work in a snow school.  It is in the resorts interest to continually train their instructors so they can provide the best experience they can for the resorts guests.  Training sessions can vary from improving teaching, working with children, improving powder riding or freestyle skills and obtaining further certifications.

This is definitely one of the best perks of the job.

Snowboard Instructors Training Session
Improve your riding and teaching on session.

Meet your clients...

Depending how your ski school runs you will have multiple times to meet your client and get to know them a little bit before the lesson.

This can be one of the absolute highlights of a lesson.  Some clients will stick in your mind and you will remember them for many years.  The lesson can be just as enjoyable for you as it is for them.

Many instructors have stayed in touch with clients from their lessons, having them in future lessons for many years.

Snowboard Instructor Meets Client
You'll meet your client for the lesson.

Teach the Skills...

During lessons you will cover all of the skills your client needs to improve and have some fun. An instructor will talk with the client before the lesson to figure out what they want to get out of it.

During the lesson you'll be figuring out the type of students you have, how they learn best and how you can provide the best experience for them. The lesson is only as good as you make it. If you make it a fun lesson for them, then you will have a more enjoyable work experience.

If you do not receive a lesson for the day then you have the opportunity to go on any training sessions or go riding for the day which is no bad thing at all.

Snowboard Instructor Teaching
Teaching your client the fun stuff.

Party and have fun with your crew...

After a hard day on the slopes, there can be many different options.  You can go hang out at the bar with your colleagues, go for an ice skate, hit a gym session or chill at home.  Within mountain environments, there is generally lots to do away from the mountain.

When you work at a snow school you meet some awesome people who are gonna be your comrades for the season. You'll ride together, share stories and party all the time.

Anyone who has ever worked a season as a snow school instructor has made a friend for life.

Snowboard Instructor Crew
You'll meet an awesome crew of people to work with.

Why not change your life?

We can tell you from experience that instructing snowboarding is one of the most rewarding, fun and exciting ways to live your life. You may have dreamt of doing it so why not sign up to an instructor training program and come live in the mountains.

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