The Shack - Canterbury

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Matt Barlow

Pushing the Sport

One of the things we love at Ninja Academy is snowboarding….that’s why we are a snowboarding company.  Go figure!  What we also love is seeing people push the sport and helping others to achieve things in the sport.  

We met up with the guys down at THE SHACK in Canterbury to check out some of the new gear they have coming into their store.  We got talking about the grassroots side of snowboarding and how they are trying to help out up and coming riders.

They have supported athletes on all levels from Paralympian skiers to up and coming riders in the local area.  What I enjoyed most about this place was the honesty within them and making sure everyone is out enjoying their time on the slopes in the right gear.  They aren't going to try to sell you something which isn’t right for you, which is quite refreshing to see.  It only boosts the hopes of more people staying with this great sport and maybe, just maybe, keeps our sport in the Olympic spotlight.

If you are unsure about anything to do with equipment then you need only ask.  Contact us or the guys down at THE SHACK in Canterbury and they can point you in the right direction.

The Shack, Canterbury

01227 634030

23 Lower Bridge Street, Canterbury, CT1 2LG

The Shack - Awesome!
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