5 Reasons To Ride at Marmot Basin

Snowboard Coach Photo
Matt Barlow

5 reasons why you should head to Marmot Basin, Canada this season!

Picking where to go for your snowboarding improvement holiday can be quite tricky. You're gonna go through a big list of questions that may include "Where has the most amount of snow?", "Are there huge lift lines?", "Does it have challenging pistes and powdery tree runs?" or "Is the beer cheap?!". Well here we give our ‘Top 5’ of why we love Marmot Basin so much. Once you've seen them we think you'll love it too.

1. Non-Existent Lift Lines

You know what its like, standing shoulder to shoulder in those crazy european 'lines' battling for the chairlift! Well the beauty of Marmot Basin is it's a quiet resort which means you spend more time snowboarding rather than standing in a queue. Due to the quiet nature of the resort there will be times where you feel like you are in a private resort. Now imagine this scenario on a powder day and you pretty much find fresh lines all day!

Marmot Basin Lift Lines
Yep, thats pretty much as busy as the lift lines get!

2. People

The staff and general population of Jasper are super welcoming and very friendly. On our 3 week improvement holidays you will feel like a local and certainly get to know the staff around the mountain. It is a small town with a very outdoors and energetic community, so everyone is there to enjoy the snowboarding, just like you!

Snowboarders in the Terrain Park
You'll meet awesome people from peak to park & in the bar!

3. Jasper

Jasper is a very special place. Originally a stopping point for the railway that runs through it, it is now a thriving little community with a nice Canadian mountain town atmosphere to it. It has a selection of great bars and restaurants serving some very good food at good prices. When you come on a Ninja Academy Snowboarding holiday you get to experience a fun, friendly party scene! Awesome live music at the Whistler Stop and sick DJ’s at the Downstream (where you will often find your snowboard coaches hanging out).

View from Jasper Alberta
‍Bars, Restaurants, Epic Views and Good People - Jasper AB.

4. Eagle’s East

Eagle’s East is an absolute heaven of a playground for snowboarders and skiers. This is the expert freeride section of Marmot Basin and it delivers some amazing tree runs, drops and chutes. We love it because its a fun place that really challenges you to crank up your snowboarding another gear.

Eagle's East Snowboarding Terrain
Challenge yourself and improve like crazy.

5. National Park

Marmot Basin is situated in Jasper National Park. With this, it keeps Marmot Basin from expanding beyond its borders due to Caribou preservation sites but because of this you might get lucky enough to see some incredible wildlife. If you are lucky, you may have the opportunity to see wolves, elk, moose and bighorn sheep. These are just a few of the different wildlife you could see. You will almost definitely see the Deer strolling around the town!  Secondly, the views of the scenery are incredible. One of our favourite spots being the hike up from the top of Knob Chair (yes thats it's actual name!).

Jasper National Park
Jasper National Park is one of the most eye opening places on earth!

Come and experience a fun old school vibe!

When the Ninja Academy Snowboarding team first got to Marmot and saw how the mountain operated we were taken back to the golden days of riding and partying. Marmot Basin try to make sure that the resort is fun for people to experience at all times. A high elevation ensures good snow that sticks around and a quiet resort gives you the freedom to really get your riding mileage up. A mid point bar also hosts some awesome Winter sports festivities thanks to sponsors like Kokanee beer. Jasper national Park is a natural wonder to behold and has provided us with memories we will never forget. It all comes together in an old school mountain vibe that focuses on fun - both on and off the snow. Sign up to a Ninja Academy Snowboarding improvement holiday and experience this awesome place yourself this winter.

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