Tutorial: Eurocarve

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Mark Godwin

Carve the mountain Retro Style

The eurocarve is a classic move that has been ripping up mountains for years! It involves inclining onto your toe edge as much as you can so you are practically lying on the snow as the turn comes around. It takes some commitment when first learning but it is a fun and creative variation of a turn. If you have a solid understanding of edging, a eurocarve is very achievable. Try it on those fresh groomers at first and when you start to get more confident build up to some steeper terrain.

Snowboarding Eurocarve Step by Step
Eurocarve Step by Step
Step 1:

Traverse across the fall line on your heel edge.

Step 2:

Create a platform by rolling onto the toe edge.

Step 3:

Flex your legs and incline into the snow all the way.

Step 4:

Extend your body and push your hips into the snow.

Step 5:

Allow the edge of your snowboard to bring the eurocarve around.

Ninja Tip:

Get yourself a retro fluorescent onesie to really succeed. It's science!
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