Tutorial: Layback Tail Press

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Matt Barlow

Snowboarding How To: Layback Tail Press

A fun and creative variation of a standard tail press. This involves laying back into the snow whilst performing a tail press.

This can be learnt on an easy, mellow slope but it can be taken to many areas of the mountain, such as boxes in the terrain park for example. You want to be able to perform some sustained tail presses before playing around with this. Important things to remember with this trick are: 1. to use your hips and body weight to create flex in the board.  2. Placing the hands behind the tail of the snowboard and allowing your back knee to tuck in will get you even lower to the snow, allowing you to ‘Layback’. Keep the base of the board flat, any edging will start to turn the board. With a flat base you should be able to ride it for as long as you want! Once you’ve mastered this trick, you can lay back, relax and enjoy the ride!

1. Ride in centered

Begin by being centered with flexed knees on a flat base.

2. Shift your hips

Shift your hips over the tail of your snowboard to flex your board

3. Tuck the knee

Tuck your back knee in, this will allow you to get low.

4. Place the hands

Put your bum towards the tail of your board and place your hands on the snow.

5. Push up

Use your legs to push back up into your riding position.

6. Ride away

Return to your centered position and ride away.

Ninja Tip: Tuck the back knee inwards to be able to get lower to the snow!
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