Why go on an Improvement Holiday?

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Matt Barlow

Why choose a Snowboard Improvement Holiday?

One of the most common things I hear from students is ‘I’ve plateaued in my riding and am not really getting any better’. My usual response is ‘When did you last have a lesson?’ 99% of the time the response is usually ‘not since I was a beginner’. There is this misconception in snowboarding that as soon as you have learnt to link your turns, there is nothing left to learn on a snowboard. This couldn’t be further from the truth and which is why a lot of people reach that plateau in their riding.

A multi week snowboard improvement holiday can be a big investment for a lot of people. When you break down everything that is included and make a comparison to a similar length holiday, I think you’d be surprised at some of the benefits these independent operators can bring. Here I give you a breakdown of some of the benefits of a specialised improvement holiday and some things to look out for when choosing it.

Beginner Snowboard Lessons
‍‍‍A lot of people haven't had a lesson since they were a beginner.

The Cool things about snowboard Improvement Holidays?

The people

The best thing to come away with when you go on an awesome adventure like a snowboard improvement holiday is the people you meet and the friends you take away with you. It is the one thing people always regard as their biggest positive when they finish these kinds of programs. I have met some amazing people that have become close friends on programs like ours. With the Ninja Academy Snowboard Holiday you are always a part of the crew and can drop us a line anytime you like.


When you cost up the value of a whole package that most companies offer, they usually offer a pretty good package price compared to breaking it all down individually. For example, when you break down our Marmot Basin package, it's a great price for the amount we are giving away.

Good times, Good Vibes

The coaches on your improvement holiday will know their stuff and will want to give you a great time. No matter where you end up in the world and in what resort, you are going to have a blast because you will be snowboarding. You will get to know the group that you ride with as time goes on and you will have the best of times.  It beats being in with a bunch of different people each day when you go through snow school lessons!


Most packages will have different socials of some sort which you don’t get with snow school. Our coaches will come hang out with you and take part in lots of activities from ice skating to rock climbing whilst giving some more technical socials like strength and conditioning to tuning sessions.

These are just some of the things that make a snowboard improvement holidays great. If you want to find out more or have more specific questions, whether it be about Ninja Academy Snowboard holidays we offer in Livigno and Marmot Basin or about anything else, then shoot us an email.

Snowboard Improvement Holidays
Find the coaching methods that suit you best, like video anaylsis.

Questions to ask

High Quality Instruction

Majority of the holidays you will find out there will have high quality instructors. Maybe more so than your average snow school lesson. There are a whole bunch of different certifications and levels out there, all with their own merits. The obvious one to look out is the certification level.  But more importantly, I would look at someone’s experience level. How long have they taught for, what level have they coached at and where have they worked. Then you will get an idea of how adaptable that coach can be.  Some other things to consider when looking to spend money with a coach is - the amount of tuition, how many hours on snow coaching do you get? How many days a week? Speak to the coaches also. Can you build a rapport with them as you will be spending many weeks with them. It is good to know that they are someone you will enjoy spending your time with. How is the improvement package structured and what is their style of coaching? These are things that you may not think of.

Away from the Mountain

Check to see what is included in your package for the price. Accommodation, Lift pass, flights, airport transfers, transfers to/from resort, meals, socials… Obviously making sure that the accommodation is relaxing and in a good location is important. Some things that you may not have thought of would be - Are flights included in the package price? How much more will they cost if not?! Are the meals varied or is it a set menu? Where are the meals located? What is there to do away from the mountain?

If you can’t find all the information you need about Livigno, Italy or Marmot Basin, Canada then please contact us and we can answer all the questions you have! You will be talking directly with the coaches, not a sales team, so you will get honest and to the point answers.

Improve your riding on a Ninja Academy snowboard improvement package holiday!